Breaktime and Lunchtime at The Grove

We have lots of fantastic things happening at break and lunchtimes here at The Grove to help you enjoy yourselves



Please remember that we do not play with balls during this time outside due the large number of children that are in a small space.

Don’t forget that the Quiet Area is where you can sit and relax.

Why not catch up with the latest class room gossip or bring out a book to read. Why not tell a story to your friends as you sit in the Story Tellers Chair!

Take some time to enjoy the plants that surround the Quiet Area, they all have insect attracting properties as well as providing us with colours, texture and smells throughout the year.

Please do not run in or through the Quiet Area.

The Middle Playground has brand new playground markings. Have you tried them out? Which is your favourite?

Don’t forget there is plenty of shelter from the shade.

Don’t forget to enjoy all the fantastic equipment that you have on your playground.

Feeling on your own today? If you wait at the Buddy Bus Stop a “Playground Pal” is sure to come along! Look out for the coloured bibs!

The Playground Pals have lots of great ideas, suggestions and games to help you enjoy your time outside.

Please remember that we are a Healthy School. Our policy is that only fruit and vegetables are to be eaten at break time. This keeps us healthy as well as protecting those children who may have allergies to ingredients found in cereal bars, wheat products etc.

We do not allow chocolate, biscuits or crisps to be eaten during break time.

The Lunchtime supervisors have a wide range of activities on offer during the lunchtime session. These are changed regularly but may also be affected by the weather. Make sure you try out lots of different things through the year.

Your teachers are always looking out for people who show themselves to be a good friend or fantastic role model. You will be nominated by your teacher and will be able to take a friend into the Friendship Garden for a week during lunchtimes.

Lucky You! Enjoy your time in the Miles of Smiles club. Will you read, draw, create something or just chat with a friend?

Look out for the Peer Mediators, they have all been trained to help solve problems and issues that may arise.

Tell the Lunchtime supervisors if you feel that somebody is behaving towards you in a way that you do not like. Lunchtime supervisors will pass this information onto your class teacher so they are also aware of any issues.