Governors, like a board of directors, make decisions about how the school is run. The full Governing body meets at least once a term although Governors belong to various committees, which often meet more regularly. The Governors have legal powers and responsibilities but must act as a group; they cannot act individually. Governors at The Grove represent the school on a voluntary basis and are not paid for their services or time. Most members serve for a period of 4 years with the exception of Parent Governors who serve for a period of 3 years.

Our aim is to assist the children and the staff of the school to make a safe, happy and pleasant environment in which to learn and play.

If you wish to contact The Chair of Governors, Matt Rees, his email address is  chair@groveprimary

Our Governing body and their responsibilities:

Matt Rees                   Chair

Nick Houghton          Vice chair / EYFS

Lynne Wicksey           Staff Governor

Sarah Young              Staff Governor