Computing at The Grove

In an ever changing world, it is increasingly important to equip children for the technology rich works they are growing up in. At The Grove, we cover three main areas in the teaching of computing:

Computer Science

All children are taught how to control and program devices in discreet Computing lessons, from giving instructions to a “Bee-bot” in Early Years to using simple programming software to create games in KS2. Children are encouraged to explore how technology works and use programming language to create and evaluate algorithms. We explore technology in the world around us.


The Internet as created many wonderful opportunities, but on a daily basis, we hear stories in the media of the damage that misuse can cause. We help children to understand the benefits of, but also the risks posed, by the Internet. Children are taught how to use the Internet safely at their own level of understanding and are shown where to go for help if they need to.

Digital Literacy

Children at The Grove have many opportunities to use technology in every curriculum area. Each year group has a bank of laptops and iPads on which they are able to access a wide range of programmes as well as the Internet.