Parental Responsibilities

At The Grove we encourage an active partnership with home to help encourage and support your child’s learning throughout their time with us.


Home School Agreement

School will:

  • Provide a safe, caring and well ordered environment
  • Value each child as an individual
  • Encourage children to take care of their surroundings
  • Listen to parents’ views and concerns
  • Develop children’s independence by giving your child increasing responsibility for his/her own learning, behaviour and belongings
  • Recognise and reward success and achievement
  • Provide current information about your child’s on-going educational needs
  • Strive for every child to achieve their potential in a stimulating learning environment


I will [Pupils]:

  • Always do my best and take pride in my work at school
  • Try my best with any home learning tasks
  • Be kind, helpful and polite to others
  • Remember good manners at all times
  • Tell a grown up if I am unhappy or upset
  • Arrive on time, with the right clothing and equipment for the day at school
  • Set a good example to younger pupils by my words and actions


Home will:

  • Value our child’s education
  • Ensure that our child arrives at school on time [08.40 – 08.50 a.m.] appropriately dressed, equipped and ready to benefit from the day at school
  • Make sure that our child attends regularly and will provide a note of explanation if our child is absent
  • Communicate with the school regarding anything which may affect our child’s education or welfare
  • Encourage our child to take pride and interest in his/her work at home as well as at school
  • Support our child in home learning tasks and other opportunities for learning
  • Attend Parents’ Evenings to discuss our child’s progress
  • Encourage good behaviour, politeness and respect for others and their property in line with the school policy