Values Education

Values education

Each half term we focus on a different value across the school.

Our six values are high aspirations, resilience, teamwork, creativity, respect and diversity.

We consider carefully what this means within our school and wider community. We think about how this may affect our behaviour, our approach to life and the impact on others. Values are disccussed within class and assembly times.

Each half term, we look for children who are demonstrating the current value through their actions within school. They are awarded a “leaf” which is added to the Values Tree. The Values Tree then grows, allowing us to celebrate the success of these pupils. 

Our Values Tree

British Values

An important part of the education we offer at The Grove is ensuring that all children understand the importance of the key British values of Tolerance, Mutual Respect, Individual Liberty, Democracy and The rule of law.

These values are discussed within class and assembly times. They are an intrinsic part of a wide range of activities across the whole curriculum and across all key stages.

Click here to download our British Values Policy