General Absence

Please contact the school office on the first day of your child’s absence.

It is important that we are then notified in writing on the child’s return as to the reason for absence. A record is kept annually and absence rates appear on your child’s report.


Making Attendance Count

Regular attendance in school is an attitude we foster and reward. Certificates are issued to children for good attendance.

It is clearly stated by the Department for Education that it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that their children attend school regularly and that they are in a condition to learn.

If your child misses a day a week at school each year, over five years this means they have missed a year of school.

Absence during term time [Holidays]

Any withdrawal of children from school for holiday is deemed to be unauthorised. In line with The Education Regulation and Surrey County Council’s Code of Conduct, we will be reporting absences of 5 days or more from school and you will be fined. The fine is currently £60 per child, per parent, per week. Missing sessions from school can have a huge impact on children’s achievement and as stated in our new holiday form, there are 175 days for holidays and visits and 190 school days in a year.

Which year can they afford to miss?